Starting Abilities, Skills and Spells

Special: Choose the element the Sorcerer can manipulate:
Fire, Ice, Stone, or Storm.

Once chosen, the element does not change. Abilities are
determined by element. Spells
are determined by element.


Abilities: Immunity: Fire
Spells: Fire Starter, Howling Flames, Wall of Fire


Abilities: Immunity: Cold
Spells: Blizzard, Chiller, and Ice Bolt


Spells: Battering Ram, Solid Ground, and Stone Stance
Stone sorcerers begin with +1 PHY
and +1 to their racial

maximum PHY at each level


Spells: Razor Wind, Storm Tossed, and Wind Blast
Storm sorcerers begin with +1 SPD and
+1 to their racial maximum SPD

at each level


Military Skills: Choose one: Archery 1, Crossbow 1, or Hand Weapon 1
Occupational Skills: Detection 1 and Survival 1

Starting Assets

75 gc


Camouflage, Dodger, Elemental Mastery, Immunity: Cold (Ice Sorcerer only),
Immunity: Fire (Fire Sorcerer only), Traceless Path



Military Skills


Archery 3, Crossbow 3, Hand Weapon 3, Thrown Weapon 2, Unarmed Combat 2

Occupational Skills


General Skills 4, Sneak 3, Survival 3



Spells from the Sorcerer spell list of the character’s chosen element


The sorcerer is a vessel for potent elemental magic. When he
awakened to this frightening gift, he found himself with
command over a primal element—fie, ice, stone, or wind. He
has likely had no formal training in the use of his magic, and
honed his abilities through painful trial and error. Sorcerers
are shunned and hunted in some parts of the Iron Kingdoms,
and his skill set might reflct the hardships he has encountered
because of his sorcerous ability. As such, he could have picked
up skills that allow him to avoid detection or escape his enemies.
Sorcery carries less of a stigma among non-humans, and races
such as the Nyss and trollkin view these individuals as valued
members of their communities. Human sorcerers have often
endured persecution and might be labeled witches and heretics,
particularly in remote areas.
Playing a Sorcerer: Like the Priest career, the Sorcerer career
is multiple careers in one. Not only do the various elemental
forces grant a Sorcerer different spell lists, but they also grant
elemental immunities or stat increases. As far as other careers go,
an Arcanist-Sorcerer can bathe the battlefild in frost or flme,
but that’s not the only option. Consider a Knight-Sorcerer of
stone: After putting another level in the Knight’s Shield skill and
learning the Sorcerer’s Stone Strength spell, he’ll have +4 ARM
from most attacks. Due to the intrinsic variety of the sorcerous
paths, the Sorcerer career encompasses a wealth of possibilities.

Experienced Sorcerers have plenty of great spells to learn as
well as access to abilities like Camouflage and Dodger that keep
them safe from those who would hunt them down for their
questionable gifts.


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